Hypothesis 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is the FIRST wine of its kind. 100% produced from a brand new winemaking technique called
FLASH DETENTE (translation - "instant relaxation") that was created in Europe in the early 1990's, yet was only recently introduced in the United States in 2009. Widely used in France by winemakers in Bordeaux and Rhone (Chateau Beaucastel being the most famous of them), Flash Detente is an all natural and organic pre-fermentation process that simply involves quickly heating and cooling the skins of the fruit before beginning fermentation.The results from this process are incredible color, flavor, and tannin extraction from the grapes as well as many other positive benefits. For all of my wine geeks, scientists, and chemists who desire more info please click on the following article where my winemaker and others are interviewed explaining the process in greater detail:

We have been dreaming of and contemplating how we would produce our reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for years. Through trial and error, educated guesses, and hypotheses we discovered that barrel fermentation and flash detente were the keys to uncovering what we had long been searching for. Our goal was to produce a wine with incredible structure, depth of fruit, and complete oak integration, without being overdone. The Hypothesis Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and complex, but still has incredible finesse. We believe our reserve Cabernet can go up against some of the big boys in the game, but still leaves a little money in your pocket! Don't take our word for it and decide for yourself! Drink. Think. Hypothesis!

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